Healthy Aging

Healthy aging is a lifelong process of optimizing opportunities for improving and preserving health and physical, social and mental wellness, independence, and quality of life, as well as enhancing successful life-course transitions. Interdependence and intergenerational solidarity are important tenets of active aging.

The Foundation believes it can make significant contributions to promote healthy aging by providing resources to strengthen and enhance support for the senior populations, within both our immediate and extended communities, and by promoting social and civic engagement between residents, staff, and the surrounding community.

The Foundation seeks programs and projects to sponsor or fund when they add meaning, joy and a vibrant sense of well-being to the lives our fellow residents and our community. We pursue ways to keep seniors healthy, happy, learning, active, and engaged in the community by expanding their cultural, intellectual, emotional, and physical lives.

The result of these activities is the achievement of our vision — improved mental and physical well-being for our population as it ages and enhanced health and enrichment in the broad community.