Seven employees and four employee dependents each have been awarded a $3,000 “Wings” Scholarships by the Bentley Village Foundation. The three men and eight women, aged 17-51, are actively pursuing careers in medicine, social work, business, nursing, international relations, accounting, and animal science.

Under the aegis of the Collier County Community Foundation, the scholarships were awarded on a competitive basis, according to IRS guidelines, after a rigorous review by a hardworking committee composed of Bentley residents Sandra Turner, Shirley Hagerson and Chairwoman Janys Foley, assisted by four CCCF members. The students were actively assisted in completing scholarship application forms by the Bentley Village HR staff under Director Colleen Billings.

Recipients of the 2016 Bentley Wings Scholarship Awards

  • Bailey, Douglas, Accounting Assistant, Bentley Village. Graduate Student, Business Administration, Keiser University
  • Barnett, Anastasia. Student, Boston University: B.A., International Relations. Daughter of Jeffrey Barnett, Transportation Supervisor
  • Cheriza, Lucita, LPN, BV Care Center. Student, Med-Life Institute: Nursing Associate
  • Ferguson, David, Accounting Assistant, Bentley Village. B.S., Business Administration, Hodges University. FGCU for CPA exam
  • Garrell, Cheyenne, Student, Santa Fe College: Associate Degree, Animal Science. Stepdaughter of Krystal Garrell, Staff Development Coordinator, BV Care Center
  • Jean, Federlin, Student, College of Medicine, Florida University. Son of Hubert Jean, BV Food and Beverage Dept.
  • Laguerre, Vanessa, PRN, BV Care Center. Student, Med-Life Institute: Nursing Associate, 2017. Goal: MSN degree
  • Lopez, Silvia, LPN, BV Care Center. Student, Med-Life Institute: Nurse Associate
  • Marc, Bianca, CMA. Student, FSWC: Physician’s Assistant. Daughter of Marie C. Marc, BV Nursing Dept.
  • Moore, Sonia, CNA, BV Nursing Dept. Student: Med-Life Institute: Nurse Associate. Mother of six children
  • Rivera, Mayra, Administrative Assistant, BV Care Center. Student, FGCU: BA. Business-Medical Administration